Dalkeith Thistle FC Club Lottery

Our Club Lottery has operated successfully for many years before we introduced its current format in season 2013/14.

Ticket sales provide a vital source of income for the club, and the money raised goes towards our ongoing running and operational costs.

The lottery is drawn every Sunday afternoon by a member of the public with two club Committee Members in attendance.

Four numbers are drawn, and if they match a winning ticket the jackpot is won. If there are no winners, this pot increases by £50 carried forward to the following week’s draw. 3 matched numbers win £30.

Tickets can be purchased from any Committee member, players, coaching staff and at the following outlets:

– HARROW HOTEL, 2-4 Eskbank Road, Dalkeith
– SHIP INN, 92 High Street, Dalkeith
– MIDLOTHIAN PHYSIOTHERAPY, 40/2 Hardengreen Industrial Estate, Eskbank
– ESKBANK TRADING, Costcutter, 2 Station Road, Eskbank
– JUSTINLEES INN, (c/o Jason Blair / Jamie Bell), 1-5 Dalhousie Rd, Eskbank
– SALTERS INN (c/o David Watson / Craig Murray) 27 Salters Road, Dalkeith
– BLACK BULL 1 Lothian Street, Dalkeith

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Dalkeith Thistle Lottery online and pay by Direct Debit.
Simply join our website as a supporter and let us know how many weekly tickets you would like – we’ll arrange the direct debit…
Click Here to buy our lottery tickets online: PAYMENTS

If you would like to sell our lottery tickets and become an official agent please contact club president Tom Gilhooley for more information: 07905909346